Newspapers make good teacher

By Heidi Stephens, Developmental Editor, News for You

It’s hard to find any teaching tool more relevant or authentic than a newspaper. Here are three activities to consider when planning lessons:

1) Send students on a “treasure hunt” to find grammatical structures. Give them a sheet that lists the structures they should find (e.g., three present-tense verbs, three past tense verbs, three adjectives, three proper nouns, one abbreviation, and a comparative adjective).

2) Have learners rewrite headlines in the form of complete sentences, using proper capitalization and punctuation.

3) Choose a photo in the newspaper. Without showing the caption or having them read the article, ask learners to write a few lines about the photo.


The full version of this article can be found on the ProLiteracy America Web site. Visit the Online Information Center located in the Resource Room and click on the Tutoring link.

Courtesy of Proliteracy America


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