New Land, New Language

New Land, New Language 

High Beginning – Low Intermediate

A highly unique student workbook, New Land, New Language uses authentic (transcribed) immigrant voices as a common unifying theme to teach communication skills. Based on rich stories and photos from the archives of New York City’s Lower East Side Tenement Museum, this unique student workbook brings to life the common experiences of past and present immigrants.

New Land, New Language not only teaches students practical words and language skills, but it illustrates that immigrants throughout the 20th century struggled with the same problems and challenges which often overwhelm today’s newcomers. Lessons and readings help students relate episodes to their everyday lives, using grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension exercises, critical thinking and writing activities, and discussion questions. Activities enable learners to give oral and written advice to a character of the past, predict a character’s thoughts or actions, and make inferences. (128 pages)

Courtesy of New Readers Press

You can find copies of New Land, New Language in the Newton Free Library’s Literacy Collection:  LIT 428.4 B45N 


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