American Lives

American Lives

High Beginning, Low Intermediate, High IntermediateAmerican Lives takes a reading journey into the stories of famous – and lesser-known people – and whose contributions have helped shape key periods in U.S. history. Fifteen high-interest biographies of both native-born Americans and immigrants are featured in each book, profiling their lives and experiences in a cultural context. Lessons at each book level can be taught in any order, and begin with a photograph and pre-reading set of questions. Exercises and activities follow each historical profile to strengthen reading, language, and graphic literacy skills. Follow-up activities include comprehension, text analysis, and vocabulary practice. An exercise centered on a map timeline, or chart is included to expand ideas introduced in the lesson. All the while, students are connecting yesterday to today’s events. Lessons conclude with a group activity that comes with questions for writing and class discussion. (Each Student Book is 112 pages)

Courtesy of New Readers Press

You can find American Lives in the Newton Free Library’s Literacy Collection:  LIT 428.4 FORMAN


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