Levels 1 – 8This series has been used successfully in many instructional settings – with whole classes, small groups, or one-on-one!Challenger is an eight-book structured reading, writing, and reasoning skills Series, taking adult students from the beginning stages of reading to a Grade 9 level. Each book contains twenty lessons and includes a reading selection and a variety of related exercises. Lessons also contain vocabulary and spelling exercises, writing practice, word study according to a phonics principle, and other exercises. Challenger is effective in a classroom where students are functioning at different levels, or with students whose learning style responds to a workbook approach. The reading selections include topics that hold the students’ interest. The format of the lessons is consistent and directions are clear and easy to follow.


  • Student Books for all eight levels. Books 1 and 3 present stories about adult characters, Books 2 and 4 offer topics similar to an encyclopedia, while Books 5, 6, 7, and 8 present adaptations of well-known works of fiction and non-fiction.
  • Teacher’s Manuals consist of complete lesson notes, and pre-reading, post-reading, and extension activities.
  • Answer Keys are available for student access

Book 1

Low reading level. Twenty lessons, each followed by study words and exercises including fill in the blank and sentence completion. Fiction readings increase in length and difficulty through the book. Emphasizes phonics elements and principles, decoding, reading comprehension and vocabulary building. (112 pages)

Book 2
Low intermediate reading level. Twenty lessons, reinforcing phonics, vocabulary and reasoning skills from Book 1 and each lesson has a brief non-fiction reading selections. Few new words are introduced to give the student a chance to review. (129 pages)

Book 3
Low intermediate reading level. Twenty lessons, each lesson has a one-page fiction story followed by comprehension questions and skill-building exercises working on vocabulary development, use of words in various contexts, improvement of analytical and reasoning skills. (128 pages)

Book 4
Intermediate reading level. Twenty lessons, similar format to Book 2. Uses non-fiction reading selections and exercises to reinforce vocabulary and skills developed in previous volumes. (144 pages)

Book 5
Intermediate reading level. Each lesson has a one-and-a-half page reading, followed by questions on the story and related exercises such as prefixes and suffixes, word meanings, letter sounds, formations of plurals, syllables, and code breaking. (192 pages)

Book 6
Advanced reading level. Lessons have 1-2 pages of readings, followed by exercises dealing with topics including contractions, possessives, words with multiple meanings, capitalization, compound words, and word endings. (199 pages)

Book 7
Advanced reading level. Each lesson consists of 1-2 pages of readings, followed by exercises such as answering questions about the story, fill in the blank, and breaking a code. Lessons cover topics such as letter sounds, measurements, synonyms, antonyms, and hyphenated words. (237 pages)

Book 8
Advanced reading level. Uses mostly non-fiction reading selections from highly respected authors. Introduces few new words. Reviews and reinforces vocabulary and skills from previous volumes and works on developing reading comprehension. (223 pages)

Writing For Challenger

Writing For Challenger closely integrates the first four books of the Challenger reading series, with each writing lessons tied to the corresponding lesson in the reading book, and also includes:

Student Books corresponding to Challenger Student Books 1 to 4 with beginning sentence writing through paragraph and essay composition; vocabulary and grammar reinforcement through practice with specific elements introduced in the reading lessons.

Teacher’s Manual with details on how to make the most of the exercises in all four books, and also discusses evaluating student writing, dealing with technical errors, and developing writing process skills. An activity matrix displaying the progression of skill development throughout the series is included.

Courtesy of New Readers Press

Find the Challenger Adult Reading Series in the Newton Free Library’s Literacy Collection:  428.4 MURPHY.


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