Longman Photo Dictionary

Longman Photo Dictionary of American English with Audio CDs and Multilingual Glossary, New Edition
Primary Category: Dictionaries: Picture/Photo
Language Level: Beginner
Education Sector: High School, Pre-University (Intensive type programs), Adult Education
Publication Date: 2006
No longer do students have to make the connection between drawings and visualizing the real thing–in this dictionary, vocabulary learning is like exploring your real surroundings! Photos of the post office, actual fast foods, and a real patient in the dentist’s chair are just a few of the 1,000 snapshots that help students become instantly familiar with the words! Over 3,000 entries covering more than 94 different categories make this the most comprehensive photographic resource for ESL students. Each thematic section is self-contained and can be used at any time in any order.This new edition features a full glossary translated into Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese; conversation activities on each page; pronunciations for every word (listed in a word list combined with the multilingual glossary); and 12 pages of additional activities from crossword puzzles and matching games to word searches and categorizing exercises–encouraging students to use new vocabulary in sentences. It’s like having one thousand Kodak moments to learn from!Audio CDs
The dictionary now comes packaged with two audio CDs containing pronunciations of every word!

Courtesy of Alta Book Center

 Find the Longman Photo Dictionary in the Newton Free Library Literacy Collection: LIT423 L86L


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