Word Strategies

Reading Levels 3 – 6.5
High Beginning – Low Intermediate

Focusing on high frequency and academic words, these Workbooks help students with words they will encounter in a variety of contexts to develop a broad use of vocabulary. Students will practice and master productive word acquisition strategies for expanding any new vocabulary suitable for use beyond texts, and apply the strategies in any type of materials students read in class or independently. Rather than relying on simple definitions, students will practice using, and re-using, targeted words presented in the lessons so that they have multiple encounters. The approach draws upon the learners’ existing vocabulary and reinforces your students’ development of reading and writing skills.


High Beginning Student Workbook presents words from everyday life. The initial readings introduce the context and target specific vocabulary. It also contains dialogues and narratives in the topics of Television, Letters, Air Travel, Restaurant, Grocery Store and Supermarkets, Weather, Job Hunting, Sports, and Shopping. (112 pages)

Low Intermediate Student Workbook covers mixed readings of narrative and expository passages and contains more specialized words on subjects, such as Public Education, Crime, The Federal Government, Entertainment, Cars, Healthcare, Banking, Computers, Transportation, and Advertising. (112 pages)

Courtesy of New Readers Press

 Find Word Strategies  in the Newton Free Library’s Literacy Collection:  LIT 428.1 G34W and LIT 428.1 G34WO 2


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