Writing Well: Write, Revise, Succeed

Reading Levels 5 – 7

A terrific GED instructional resource!

This book is designed to engage, motivate, and encourage struggling students to write. Students will practice the skills of writing, revising routinely as part of writing, and working with others. Chapters begin with the portraits and stories of people who overcame great challenges in order to complete their schooling. The stories illustrate how learning to read and write helped them to pass the GED and improve their lives. In the book, students practice a variety of writing genres, including personal narratives, stories, persuasive text, summaries, essays, and more. Making use of process writing steps (plan, write, revise, evaluate, and publish), students progress through increasingly complex writing assignments. Learners are encouraged to evaluate all writing in light of lesson-specific rubrics. The book encourages the social aspects of writing, from brainstorming ideas to sharing finished writing. The last two chapters focus on writing GED-style essays. A GED scoring rubric is included to familiarize students with the criteria used to evaluate GED essays. (96 pages)

Courtesy of New Readers Press

 Find Writing Well in the Newton Free Library’s Literacy Collection:  LIT 428.24 WILSON


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