Heartfelt Idioms for the ESOL Class

Follow your heart

Heart as big as all outdoors

Cold hands, warm heart

From the bottom of my heart

Peg o’ my heart

Heart-to-heart talk

Wear your heart on your


Listen to your heart

Get to the heart of the matter

My heart goes out to you







Heart attack

Sacred heart

Cold heart

Heavy heart

Broken heart

Bleeding heart

Dear heart

Heart of gold

Child at heart

Have a heart

Young at heart

Wild at heart

Know by heart

Play by heart

Full of heart

Light at heart

Idea for the Classroom

After discussing heart idioms in English,

have students talk about idioms in their

countries that contain the word “heart.”

Compare similarities and differences

among idioms.

 This article first appeared in Field Notes, a publication of SABES.


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