Interchange Series, Third Edition
by Jack C. RichardsPrimary Category: Courses/Series

Integrated Skills
Language Level: Beginner, High Beginner, Low Intermediate, Intermediate
Education Sector: High School, Pre-University (Intensive type programs), Adult Education
Publication Date: 2005

Whether it’s the environment, your fitness routine, an addiction to Star Wars, or the differences Lady Diana made, there is something for everyone to “interchange” in this third edition of the best-selling program! Fresh, new high-interest topics are just the beginning of what makes this series sizzling hot! The third edition offers real-world information, beautiful illustrations and photos, two conversations in every one of the 16 units of each book, tons of listening and discussion tasks, expanded writing guidance, and comprehensive grammar practice. The student audio material contains all the student book recordings except Part B in the Conversation exercises.

Intro Level: The alphabet, colors, time, transportation, health, locations. Possessive adjectives, plurals, present continuous, present, future, prepositions, past.

Level 1: Introductions, shopping, likes/dislikes, past experiences, future plans. Present, present continuous, adverbs, past, present perfect, comparatives, future.
Level 2: Memories, lifestyle changes, going places, making requests, interpreting body language. Past vs. present perfect, two-part verbs, infinitives, conditionals, passive, past continuous, modals, adverbs.
Level 3: Giving opinions, expressing emotions, describing problems. Gerund phrases, past perfect, past participles, infinitive clauses, past and passive modals, complex noun phrases, review of present perfect, future perfect.

Courtesy of Alta Book Center

Find Interchange in the Newton Free Library’s Literacy Collection:  LIT 428.4 RICHARDS


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  1. siamak says:

    hi,Interchanges book are intresting. thanks to all staffs.

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