WorldView Series

WorldView Series by Michael Rost

Primary Category: Courses/Series

Integrated Skills
Language Level: Beginner, High Beginner, Low Intermediate, Intermediate, High Intermediate
Education Sector: Pre-University (Intensive type programs), Adult Education
Publication Date: 2005

From Oprah Winfrey’s astounding achievements and Britney Spears’ debatable charisma to city comparisons across the world, personality questionnaires, Harry Potter potions, and balancing work and play, this full-color series tackles dozens of contemporary, trendy topics via fabulous, full-color “views!” Ideal for situations in which the classroom might be the only place students interact in English, the trademark two-page lessons are closely linked through seven sections: Getting Started, Listening/Reading, Grammar Focus, Pronunciation, Speaking, Writing, and Conversation to Go. The approach follows a simple and proven MAP: Motivate learning through stimulating content, Anchor language production with strong presentations, and Personalize learning through engaging speaking activities. Each student book contains 28, four-page units, seven review units, four World of Music units, a grammar reference section, vocabulary list, and an audio CD to extend listening and pronunciation practice outside of class.Companion Website: download even more activities!

Level 1 (Beginning): present continuous, modals, simple past, imperatives, prepositional phrases, comparatives/superlatives, present continuous.

Level 2 (High-Beginning): review of simple present, simple past, future with be going to, present perfect, past continuous, present perfect.

Level 3 (Low-Intermediate): simple past vs. present continuous, modal verbs, present perfect, future real conditional, passive.

Level 4 (Intermediate): real conditional, modals, present perfect and present perfect continuous, past perfect, indirect statements, connectors, tag questions, past perfect and past perfect continuous, real and unreal conditional, past modals.

Courtesy of Alta Book Center

Find WorldView in the Newton Free Library’s Literacy Collection: LIT 428 ROST 


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