The Idiom Book: 1010 Idioms in 101 Two-Page Photocopiable Lessons

by Hal NiergarthPrimary Category: Idioms (see also Vocabulary)
Language Level: High Intermediate, Advanced
Education Sector: High School, Pre-University (Intensive type programs), University (Credit ESL courses), Adult Education
Publication Date: 2007


Man, you really are in a funk, aren’t you? Come on! It’ll do you good to get your mind off your troubles . . . peppered with natural-sounding dialogues that use idioms like they’re really used on the TV, in the movies, in business, and on the street, this massive collection of 1010 idioms brings you instant photocopiable lessons!The 1010 idioms are spread across 101 two-page lessons. Each lesson is divided into four sections, A through D. Section A presents the idioms for the lesson in the context of a conversation; section B uses the same idioms in an example written message, combined with a fill-in-the-blank activity; section C provides a matching exercise focused on the meanings of the idioms; lastly, section D has learners rewrite standard, boring sentences using the new idioms from the lesson.SAMPLE TOPICS (Idioms are grouped under themes inclusive of the below):
Getting There is Half the Fun, Cutting Corners, Possible Business Merger, Big Guns, Long Time No See, Roughing It, Taking a Chance on Love, Neighbors, Politics, Basketball Win, Talk Show, Energy Crisis, Organic or Processed?, Dirty Tricks, Who’s Paying?, Speeding Ticket, Office Squabble, Keep Your Shirt On, Setting up Shop, and Mending Fences.

Audio CDs contain recordings of all the dialogs.

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You can find The Idiom Book in the Newton Free Library’s Literacy Collection:  LIT 428.4 N55I


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