Favorite Field Trips

At our July 13th Tutors Roundtable we had a wonderful discussion about field trips.  We would like to share our suggestions and experiences.  Please add your comments and suggestions!

Favorite Field Trips:

Red Sox Game

Farmer’s Market
Cooking together
Enjoy a meal together.

Post Office
City Hall
State House
Concord Court
Neighborhood political coffees for those running for office
Election Day: voting locations, picket signs, signatures

New England Mobile Book Fair
Wrentham Outlets
Yard Sales

Newton Free Library Art Galleries
Newton Free Library Display Cases
Museum of Fine Arts
Gardner Museum
Wellesley College Museum
Boston College Museum
Jackson Homestead

Arnold Arboretum
New England Wildflower Society
Wellesley College Botanical Gardens
Swan Boats

Fourth of July Fireworks
Lexington and Concord on Patriot’s Day
Freedom Trail

Wellesley Recycling Facility

Newton Senior Center

Tutors also wrote:

“Almost any outing is educational if the students are prepared ahead of time with discussion and/or assignments to find out background information on the web or in books.”

“My family and my learner’s family recently attended the 4th of July evening and fireworks in Newton.  It ended up being a very special time for all of us.  Not only were the fireworks fabulous, but we saw many other fun things besides that we could share and appreciate: a beautiful sunset, an owl flying low through the crowd, 4 fast jets, and a rainbow.  The whole event really helped my learner feel connected to Americans and the spirit of the day.”

“To get outdoors in good weather we explored a wooded area in Chestnut Hill near my learner’s home.  We walked around and talked about the trees, animals, climate, birds, and water.  We also toured the surrounding area to see a playground, park, and school.  It really helped to increase my learner’s English vocabulary and provided us with a chance to deepen our friendship.”

“To help my learner with mailing letters and parcels we went to the Post Office.  We walked around asking and answering questions regarding stamps, forms, sale items, employees, etc.   It was definitely a good learning experience.”

“My learner and I spent several outings around Newtonville  and other parts of Newton.  They were really great.  We went in and out of stores and talked about shopping, house hunting, money and transactions of all types, eating out, etc.  Going to a bookstore was a good field trip as well.”

“I think the field trip my student most enjoyed for learning American culture was a visit to the Wellesley recycling facility.  It was educational for him to see how this aspect of American life worked.  He was also able to pick up a few items, among them an American flag, at the “take it and leave it” station at the facility.”

“We went out to lunch at various ethnic restaurants.  We talked about food, shopping and cooking here and in their home countries. They were good experiences for comparing cultures and expanding vocabulary.”

“My learner is fascinated with baseball.  We went to a game and watched the Red Sox win.  He learned the rules and vocabulary of baseball.  It was great!  He didn’t stop smiling the entire game.”


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