ABE Clean Energy Ambassadors Curriculum Resource Guide

While there are myriad websites, teacher resources, and other materials dedicated to teaching about clean energy concepts, applications and occupations, very few of them are geared specifically for adult ESOL and Basic Education learners. Therefore, a key outcome of the ABE Clean Energy Ambassadors Project was to compile relevant resources for adult educators. The guide contains annotated online resources and a collection of lessons, activities and approaches developed by participating ABE Clean Energy Ambassadors, teachers and counselors involved in this project.
The lessons in the resource guide incorporate a variety of online, multi-media, and teacher-created resources and span a wide range of clean energy topics, approaches and student populations.

Download    (PDF,  3.48 MB) http://www.worlded.org/WEIInternet/inc/common/_download_pub.cfm?id=13807&lid=3

Table of Contents


Annotated Resources for Teaching Clean Energy

Examples of How Clean Energy Resources Can be Used to Teach a Variety of Subjects

GED Lesson Sequence Examples

ABE/ESOL Lesson Sequence Examples

Advising/Counseling Lesson Sequence Examples Developmental English and College Math Lesson Sequence Examples

Other Approaches from ABE Clean Energy Ambassadors


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