Selected Digital Resources for ESL Learners

Notes from Lois Ambash: This is just an idiosyncratic list of sites I have found useful in preparing for and working with my group—a few among what seems like zillions. It has also been helpful to show learners some of the sites on my iPad to encourage them to visit them during the week between our meetings. British subscription site that also has free, American-friendly downloadable exercises (text, audio, and video) American English pronunciation practice (text and audio) Lists and definitions of idioms, alphabetically and by theme (text only) Lists, lessons, lots of great links to other sites, including other ESL sites (text only) Voice of America news for English learners, read at 2/3 the speed of normal newscasts, along with some mini-lessons (see   The site of Carolyn Graham, the inventor of Jazz Chants, with examples and teaching notes (text and audio) News articles from major US papers, adapted for English language learners. Free email susbscription available. Text only. Not affiliated with the New York Times.

Any and all newspaper sites (text and video)

Broadcast news sites such as,, or the news station of your choice. Most videos have closed-captioning available, some more readable than others

American English Idioms in the News: Meaning and Origin, by Peter Bengelsdorf Kindle ebook with excellent definitions and examples. Well worth $1.99. Can be downloaded to tablet or smartphone with the free Kindle app.


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