Selected ESL Online Resources

Selected ESL Online Resources

Sue Meeker, Tutor Roundtable (Wellesley ESL), January 7, 2014




* (good for printable lesson plans, worksheets, etc) **teacher favorites for handouts (free printable worksheets, lessons on government, lesson plans, vocabulary)


Listening/Audio/Independent Online Work

* (Very cool! Audio snippets online with related activities!)


* (Good for independent learning, audio, printables, reading passages, vocab, quizzes)   (English Language Listening Lab Online)


Good Printable Worksheets and Handouts

* (printable worksheets) (worksheets/quizzes) (good printable worksheets and lesson plans)

* (also good for online independent practice)


Vocabulary and Word Lists

* (printable lists on any subject)

* (also under “General”)


News for ESL (good for independent work)


(Voice of America Special English—2 levels of audio stories accompanied by written transcripts) (good for reading, but British accent on audios) (high intermediate to advanced reading passages, British)



* (Great!)

Videos for pronunciation:

Pronunciation lessons

Pronunciation lessons for individual sounds


More Specific

Grammar: (English grammar lessons and exercises)

Idioms/Slang: (Good as a student resource, can look up idiom alphabetically or in subject-related lessons)



Teacher Info/Articles/Resources


Detailed lesson outlines, plans

List of 1500 common English words with definitions

Language experience approach videos, demos “ESL Challenges” blog, ideas for adults (good links under “Instructional Tools”)


Additional Links, 10/23/14 (direct link to IPA with audio examples) (IPA with how to make sounds and exercises)

Definition of phrases, alphabetical

Done by grade level, reading comprehension, and grammatical worksheets – good quality, phonics.


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