Helping Immigrant Professionals Choose Alternative Careers

April 8, 2014
Our recent webinar covered a critical topic for practitioners —   Alternative Careers 2-pager cover

when and how to help immigrant professionals choose alternative career paths in the US. 
We’re happy to share with you the materials from our Alternative Careers for Skilled Immigrants webinar, including our latest 2-pager summarizing key points.  
For more resources and additional details, watch the full webinar recording (below) or download the webinar slides.
Don’t miss our practical handout, Helping Immigrant Professionals Make Career Decisions — a short interview guide for gathering information about an immigrant professional’s background and goals. 
Alternative Careers for Skilled Immigrants
Alternative Careers for Skilled Immigrants


Resources for Arab Speaking ESL Learners

April 3, 2014

Thanks, Barbara, for these great links!

5 Writing Trouble Spots for ESL Learners of Arabic

The differences between English and Arabic

New Technology for Teachers

April 3, 2014


Check out the article below by Richard Byrne about 5 Good Apps for ESL/ELL Students:

Training for ESL Tutors and Teachers

April 2, 2014

Would you like to take a free online course introducing ideas and methods  for teaching English as a Second Language?

This 5 week course is offered by Coursera, a consortium of universities offering “MOOCs” (Massively Open Online Courses) taught in an innovative format.

The course starts on April 7, and requires about 4-5 hours of work per week which you can do on your own time schedule.

There are lectures and short assignments, as well as the opportunity to interact with others, and share ideas about teaching methods in an online forum with people from all over the world.

Students who successfully complete the class will receive a Statement of Accomplishment from the U.S. Department of State and the University of Oregon.

Tech Tips for Teachers

April 1, 2014

A wonderful blog with many new and exciting ideas brought to us by Steve Quann and Leah Peterson at World Education.   Lesson plans are included.

Reading 12 Years a Slave

March 3, 2014

Let your learners know that they can read Solomon Northup’s autobiography FREE online.

Many thanks to Sandra Darling, SABES Literacy Librarian, Boston, MA.

ADVISING READING – Mental health booklets

February 24, 2014

From Canada- The Plainer Language series on mental health. These booklets are written in plain, clear language to help anyone learn more about mental health and mental illness. Each booklet is accompanied by an online sound recording and is on a fourth grade reading level. . The books in the series are:

·         Tips for good mental health

·         What is anger?

·         What is anxiety?

·         What is mental illness?

·         What is depression?

·         What is suicide?

Here to Help is a website of the BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information. They are working together to help people better prevent and manage mental health and substance use problems and live a healthier life.

Many thanks to Sandra Darling, Librarian at SABES Boston, for this information.


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